Outcome - 4

Transparent and User-Friendly Budgets Within a Medium Term Budgetary Framework and Introduce Timely, Reliable and Publicly Accessible Accounts.  

Tranche 2 Reform Actions


i. Finance Department to finalize and announce the Provincial Finance Commission Award. [Complied with]
ii. Finance Department and Planning and Development Department (P&DD) to further improve MTBF prepared under subprogram 1 by:(a) setting up dedicated MTBF cells;(b) preparing budgets for the provincial section of the Communications and Works Department and Irrigation Department; and (c) updating and revising budget and planning manuals.

[Complied with]

iii. Finance Department to publish monthly civil accounts on its website in a user friendly format.

[Complied with]

iv. Finance Department to approve and implement a time-bound action plan to prepare the district budgets and accounts under New Accounting Model. [Complied with]