Public Sector Capacity Building Program (PSCBP I, II, III)


The World Bank funded Public Sector Capacity Building Project (PSCBP) with a total outlay of USD$61 million. The program was financed from an amount of USD$2 million allocated by the Federal Government to the Government of Punjab out of the total outlay of USD$61 million provided by the World Bank for PSCBP. A further USD$1 million was committed by the Government of Punjab as counterpart fund. The PC-1 was approved at the cost of PKR 180 million [USD$3 million at the rate of PKR 60] out of which USD$2 million was funded by the World Bank and USD$1 million was provided by Government of Punjab. The umbrella project named Public Sector Capacity Building Project (PSCBP) completed on November 30, 2009.

After the closure of PSCBP, Government of the Punjab developed an integrated Punjab Capacity Building Program (PCBP-I-II-III and IV) for officers in the relevant areas which equipped them with suitable professional skills to undertake the upcoming challenges.


PRMP-I - PCBP-I Achievements are listed below:
  • Under this program, Punjab Capacity Building Project-I (PCBP-I) was initiated during 2007-08 Under PRMP-I. 15 provincial civil servants were sent to universities of UK for one year master degree programs. During 2008-09, 22 officers went to the universities of UK and Netherlands to pursue one year master degree courses.
  • Four officers went to Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.
  • More than 60 officers were sent to best international schools and institutes for exposure visits to learn best practices in the field of administration, decision making, procurement and policy implementation.
  • More than 300 officers of Finance, Services & General Administration, Planning & Development, and Management & Professional Development Departments were trained locally by Civil Service College, Singapore.
PRMP-II, PCBP-III following results were achieved under this scheme:
  • A Comprehensive Training Strategy for the province of Punjab was developed outlining training related requirements, policy and major interventions of the provincial government.
  • MPDD was the provincial department mandated with professional training for the officers of the Government of Punjab Institutional strengthening of Management & Professional Development Department (MPDD).
Following are some achievements of PRMP:
  • Eleven officers were sent to various foreign universities for one year master’s degree during 2009-2010 and Ten officers in 2010-2011.
  • Three officers went to Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore in 2009-10 and Two officers in 2010-11.
  • Forty-eight officers were sent for short courses to the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand in 2009-2010.
  • In 2010-20110, Thirty-nine officers attended AIT and in 2011-2012, One hundred and sixteen persons were sent to AIT, Thailand/Sri Lanka for Dengue Epidemic Prevention Control and Management (DEPCAM) course. With the dengue epidemic in full swing DEPCAM training was the need of the hour and therefore Ninety-three persons over and above the original one hundred and ten allocated facilities were trained.
  • Local training in collaboration with FCU were also arranged and in 2009-10 six officers attended FCU college. In 2011-12 six officers were sent to FCU for one year Masters Program.