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Asian Development Bank  (ADB) is a stakeholder of Pujab Resource Management Program (PRMP). Under this Program Government of the Punjab initiated the Punjab Resource Management Program (PRMP) in December 2003 as a comprehensive policy and governance reform program in the Province. Asian Development Bank provided the budgetary support of US $ 400 million to undertake the reforms to:

  • Strengthen the provincial finances
  • Re-align provincial institutions for pro-poor service delivery
  • Create opportunities for growth and income generation in the private sector
  • Build capacity in the provincial human resource to ensure sustainability of reforms

The first phase of PRMP reforms successfully completed with compliance of the policy actions of tranche-ll of subprogram-ll of the first phase of PRMP. On completion of the first phase of the PRMP, Government of the Punjab and Asian Development Bank mutually agreed to undertake the next phase of reforms under PRMP-II [2007-2012]. The overall umbrella for PRMP-II consists of three related programs with a total outlay of US $ 1.55 billion. There were three distinct governance reform programs under the umbrella.

  • Punjab Government Efficiency Improvement Program (PGEIP) currently called PRMP [US $ 750 million]
  • Millennium Development Goals Attainment Program [ US $ 400 million]
  • Punjab Access to Justice Program [US $ 400 million].

PRMP-II was conceived to provide the overall provincial reform umbrella for implementing reforms in four core policy areas wise.

  • Fiscal & Financial Management reforms
  • Pension Reforms
  • Civil Service Reforms
  • Private Sector Development

The reform agenda was refined and by arranging exclusive thematic workshops on each core policy reform area of PRMP-II. These workshops were attended by the key stakeholders including Provincial Policy Makers, representatives of Provincial Implementing Departments, experts of each of the selected area, representatives from civil society & academia besides task officers from Asian Development Bank. These workshops were primarily meant to share the reform agenda with a wide range of stakeholders and get their input to refine the reform agenda. The final design of PRMP-II was shared with all the implementing departments of the Government of the Punjab during visits of ADB's Fact Finding & Appraisal Missions.

Implementing Agencies (IAs)

  • The Public Policy and Change Management Wing of the Services and General Administration Department and the Management and Professional Development Department were the major IAs for civil service reforms. The Departments of Commerce and Investment; Industries; Environment; and Labor were the major IAs for private sector development.
  • Under PGEIP, Finance Department, Planning & Development Department and office of the Accountant General Punjab were the main IAs for public financial management and pension reforms.

Target Departments

  • For RBM, Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Higher Education Department and Irrigation Department were selected as target departments.
  • For PFM, Health Department, Irrigation & Power Department, Excise and Taxation Department, Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Higher Education Department, Communication & Works Department and Public Health Engineering Department were selected as target departments.

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