Core Policy Area (CPA-4)

Promote Private Sector Participation

Principal Objectives

Subprogram 1 Actions
(July 2006 to October 2007)

Subprogram 2 Actions
(January 2008–September 2009)

Subprogram 3 Actions
(October 2009– March 2012)


Promote PPP for infrastructure and social service delivery. A PSD committee (including TOR) notified and operational to lead PSD initiatives, and a lead department identified to initiate work on PSD strategy. PPP policy approved by the provincial cabinet to specify the government’s objectives for private sector participation in infrastructure development and the principles for achieving these objectives.

PPP steering committee established.

[Complied with]
  Communication strategy adopted to effectively promote core labor, international quality and environment, to boost Punjab’s competitiveness.


Hiring of professional staff based on staffing-level indicated in the PC-I completed for the PPP cell. [Complied with]
  PPP cell established in P&DD to draft policy and regulatory framework for PPP, and support development of PPPs in a systematic manner in the Punjab. PPP law submitted to the provincial assembly or approved by the provincial cabinet for implementing the PPP policy.

PPP Risk Management Framework established and PPP Risk Management Unit in the FD operationalized.

[Complied with]
    P&DD hired head (or acting head) and at least two professional staff for the PPP cell.   [Complied with]
    Project development facility (PDF) guidelines approved by the provincial cabinet and PDF financed through budget allocation of $1 million equivalent under PC-I. Policies, guidelines, and regulations on land acquisition, environmental, and social safeguards pertaining to PPP projects developed. [Complied with]
      Detailed PPP operational guidelines adopted by the PPP Unit. [Complied with]


Concession agreements signed for at least two PPP projects. [Complied with]
    A list of PPP projects identified by P&DD.   [Complied with]