Department for International Development (DfID)

Department for International Development (DfID) is a stakeholder of Pujab Resource Management Program (PRMP) to implement ‘Sub-National Governance (SNG)’ Programme. Under this Program DfID plans to provide technical assistance and funds of upto £35.6m over 4 years (2012 - 2014) improve District Government performance in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Out of this an amount of £ 22.10 m would be directly managed by a Management Organization to be hired by DfID.


  • Improve management of service delivery by strengthening the evidence based decision making, and responsiveness to citizens.
  • Enhance government transparency, local accountability and openness to citizens.

The programme will work in six focal districts in be implemented with the provincial governments in Punjab and KPK, providing a platform for other DfID programmes. DfID has proposed a Single Subnational Governance program for Punjab and KPK which shall be flexibly tailored to each province and will enable comparative analysis and cross-learning.

This SNG program will work directly with district Governments and tackle problems common to all service delivery such as:

  • Weak planning
  • A lack of evidence on which to base policies and budgets
  • Poor staff performance management
  • Corruption
  • Inadequate accounting to citizens and legislatures

Proposed Programme Interventions in Punjab

District Technical Assistance

DfID will provide district technical assistance to help districts collect better data and evidence, increase transparency, and consult the public on key decisions, thus improving planning, budgeting and coordination and helping tackle corruption. It will also help the districts development of public finance reform strategy.

Setting up a District Delivery Challenge Fund

DfID will set up a district delivery challenge fund to:

  • Provide performance-grants for districts to incentivize improvements
  • Fund pilot initiatives to encourage districts in Punjab to innovate with ways to improve service delivery

Encouraging  the use of Mobile Phone Technology

DfID will fund the World Bank to lead other pilots, specifically using mobile phone technology to improve transparency and accountability and trialing performance-based funding for services delivered by the private sector.

Partnering with World Bank and Provincial Government

DfID will work with the provincial government and World Bank, to pick up existing pilots, evaluating their effectiveness, tweaking where necessary and taking the most successful quickly to scale

GIS Mapping

DFID will help expand Punjab’s GIS mapping capability to help government track service provision across the Province and in other provinces.

Provincial Right to Information legislation

DFID will help develop Provincial Right to Information legislation which will enhance government transparency. more information about the program View Details...

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