WB, DFID Fund 2 Uplift Programmes in Punjab

Punjab government in collaboration with the World Bank (WB) and Department For International Development (DFID) United Kingdom is launching two different programmes titled Punjab Public Management Reform Programme (PPMRP) and Sub National Governance programme in the province. These programmes will enable the provincial government to improve the quality of public service delivery in Punjab and to respond more efficiently and accountability to the Public service needs of local communities.

A meeting headed by Punjab Chairman Planning and Development Board Irfan Elahi and attended by DFID senior governance adviser Ms Claire Vallings, DFID Punjab representative Tom Owen Edmunds, DFID governance adviser Gareth Rannamets and other officials discussed and approved governance reform initiatives under the DFID grant funded Sub National Governance (SNG) Programme and launching of the WB funded PPMRP. The participants agreed to work towards improving the quality of public service delivery in Punjab and lauded efforts towards establishing systems and processes that would enable provincial government to respond more efficiently and accountably to the public service needs of local communities.

Irfan Elahi said PPMR Programme was geared towards improving transparency and resource management of targeted departments of the province of Punjab by supporting access to information about key services, especially in remote and marginalised areas. The programme will support the design and implementation of performance monitoring systems by using innovative techniques to gather information about service delivery and performance by seeking citizens’ feedback about the quality of the services received.The programme will be implemented in seven provincial target departments and will be executed by Punjab Resource Management Programme, Planning and Development Department, government of Punjab.

DAILY TIMES I LAHORE I Wed, Dec 18, 2013 I