Outcome - 8

Merit-Based, Transparent and Institutionalized System of Recruitment, Promotions and Transfers.

Tranche 2 Reform Actions


i. S&GAD shall have reviewed and, if required, amended PSC regulations to make the composition of the PPSC broad based - including members from more professions - and to enhance autonomy of the members including by making contracts and tenure nonrenewable and by incorporating members' eligibility criteria in the regulatory framework. [Complied with]
ii. Health Department and Education Department shall have developed and instituted an incentivized pay structure for contract posts in remote locations. [Complied with]
iii. Finance Department together with S&GAD shall have completed the Civil Service Census of provincial government staff and shall have developed a database to reconcile payroll and pension records for either at least ten districts - including Lahore - or at least ten departments. [Partially Complied with]