Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PPMRP)

Planning and Development Department Government of Punjab have collaborated with World Bank to launch ‘Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PRMP). The World Bank funded PPMR Program has been designed to strengthen performance monitoring system and feedback loops, improve transparency and access to information and Punjab Government strengthen resource management system for efficient service delivery. View Details...

The focus of the PPMR Program is on consolidating public information management systems critical for transparency and resource management. Program interventions will enhance the capacity of Implementing Agencies and provide incentives for line departments and public agencies to use them. The core aim being, improved information management systems lead to better resource allocation and performance management resulting in enhanced accountability and service delivery mechanisms. View Details...

Three result areas of the PPMRP include:

  • Transparency and Access to Services
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Resource Management

Transparency and Access to Services

A critical constraint for improving service delivery in Punjab is the lack of reliable data on performance of service providers, and in particular, the lack of information about the level and quality of the services rendered by field based public officials.

The objective of this program is to improve citizens’ access to information provided by targeted departments an existing barrier especially in remote and marginalized areas. Lack of information about services increases the transaction cost for citizens and generates opportunities for abuse by middlemen and field level service providers. Facilitating access to information about government services will eventually lead to improved services coverage while reducing the transaction cost for citizens. The program will thus increase transparency of the target departments and ensure accountability and sustain the reform momentum.

Performance Monitoring

The aim is to support smart monitoring and make performance information available for decision making. The PPMR Program will help design and implement performance monitoring systems to gather information about service delivery, oversee the performance of key personnel and seek citizens’ feedback about the quality of the services received. The program will make information available to the senior officials, and promote the use of such performance information and user feedback for decision making. The program will also support the public disclosure of performance information under Right to Information and Transparency Act 2013 thereby stipulating the target departments to provide updated information to the public via their respective websites.

Resource Management

This intervention targets improving the departmental capacity for resource mobilization and better expenditure management. The program will support the provincial government in mobilizing its own revenue to increase the funding available for service delivery initiatives and the sector to sustaining reform efforts. The provincial initiative to realize the potentially large urban immovable property tax and improve the efficiency of public procurement will, therefore, be supported. The program will strengthen the property registries at the district level to complement other ongoing initiatives funded by the government to improve billing on properties and property tax collection systems. As a result of these initiatives, revenue collected property tax is expected to increase faster during the lifetime of the program than he historical annual increase rate.

Program For Results (PforR)

The proposed instrument for this program is “Program-for-Results (PforR)” credit. The said credit instrument provides a mechanism comprising expenditures and activities to support the government’s program for improving service delivery in the province fostering a results-oriented culture within the public administration. It offers incentives for completing critical upstream reforms and addresses the cross-cutting constraints to service delivery. Results Framework...

The PforR design provides financial and non-financial incentives to deliver program results supporting counterparts along the reform process through the agreed targets linked to disbursements implying that the result indicators of the program are linked with disbursements. DLIs...

To achive the desired results the instrument focuses on strengthening the institutional capacity to enhance program impact and sustainability. Credit funds will be disbursed based on meeting the Disbursement Linked Results (DLRs) satisfying the verification protocols for each of the indicators during the specified period(s). The program is planned over five year period with disbursement up to a maximum of US$ 50 million equivalent over this period.

Implementing Agencies

The program will be implemented by four Implementing Agencies (IAs) of Government of the Punjab. The above mentioned four agencies will work with the line departments to implement program interventions in their respective result areas as per their mandate, agreed timelines and sequencing. Program Implementation strategy is available here...

These include:

  • Punjab Resource Management Program (PRMP), Planning & Development Department (P&DD)
  • Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)
  • Punjab Public Procurement Authority (PPRA)
  • Excise & Taxation Department (E&TD)

The program will be implemented in seven target departments of Government of the Punjab namely:

  • Agriculture Department (AD)
  • Excise & Taxation (E&T) Department (E&TD)
  • Higher Education Department ( HED)
  • Irrigation Department (ID)
  • Livestock & Dairy Development Department (L&DD)
  • Local Government & Community Development Department (LG&CD)
  • School Education Department (SED)

Lists of Organizations and Services for Program Interventions

The  Tables  in  Annex  10,  which  are  also  included  as  Annexes  to  Schedule  2  to  the  Financing Agreement  for  the  Program,  list  the  specific  information,  organizations  and  services  to  be monitored and verified under the respective disbursement linked indicators of the Program. It is envisaged   that   these   specific   lists   of   information,   organizations   and   services   may be modified/adjusted from time to time to reflect the updated circumstances of the government and the  Program.  Accordingly,  should  a  modification  to  any  of  the  lists be needed  following consultation between the Bank and the Government of Punjab, the Bank will send a letter, signed by the Country Director, to notify the government of the new list, and such new list will replace the  respective  Table  in  Annex  10  of  the  PAD  and  the  respective  Annex  to  Schedule  2  of  the Financing Agreement. View Details...

PRMP will also be the ‘Executing Agency (EA)’ of this Program. As the executing agency PRMP will support the day-to-day implementation of program activities, facilitate coordination across different government departments, monitor results and generate performance and financial reports on program implementation. PRMP, as executing agency will have overall responsibility for coordinating, monitoring and reporting on the program’s result indicators whereas each of the four IAs described above, will be responsible for monitoring the intermediate indicators and specific Program Development Objective (PDO) indicators relevant to their area of intervention. It will serve as a secretariat to the Steering Committee on matters regarding program implementation.

Steering Committee

The Program Steering Committee headed by the Chairman Planning & Development Board, has been established to oversee implementation, provide strategic direction and guidance and facilitate coordination between implementing agencies, different departments and levels of government. View Details...

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