World Bank

The World Bank funded Public Sector Capacity Building Project (PSCBP) with a total outlay of USD$61 million. The program was financed from an amount of USD$2 million allocated by the Federal Government to the Government of Punjab out of the total outlay of USD$61 million provided by the World Bank for PSCBP. A further USD$1 million was committed by the Government of Punjab as counterpart fund. The PC-1 was approved in at the cost of PKR 180 million [USD$3 million at the rate of PKR 60] out of which USD$2 million was funded by the World Bank and USD$1 million was provided by Government of Punjab. The umbrella project named Public Sector Capacity Building Project (PSCBP) completed on November 30, 2009.

After the closure of PSCBP, Government of the Punjab developed an integrated Punjab Capacity Building Program (PCBP-I-II-III and IV) for officers in the relevant areas which equipped them with suitable professional skills to undertake the upcoming challenges.

World Bank is currently financing a Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PPMRP) through PRMP. The $50 million five year program focusing on consolidating public information management systems critical for transparency and resource management. View Details