Outcome - 6

Effective Systems and Procedures to Operationalize Provincial Goals and Priorities.

Tranche 2 Reform Actions


i. Finance Department shall have devised and implemented an development expenditure tracking system for provincial and local government budgets with regard to social sectors and public safety. [Complied with]
ii. P&DD shall have operationalized PFIS, through the annual development program allocations (ADP) in FY2007, for the Education, Health, and Livestock and Dairy Development Departments. [Complied with]
iii. P&DD shall have automated its monitoring procedures for tracking expenditures and outcomes of the ADP and for the implementation of the PFIS. [Complied with]
iv. P&DD shall have prepared, through extensive consultation with provincial and local government agencies, a package of reforms to be implemented under subprogram 3 (i.e. a draft policy matrix for subprogram 3). [Complied with]